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Rent Lab Space

Air exchange rate of up to 25m³/h per m²

High cooling capacity options

Flexible media ceiling

Optimized room heights

High load capacities of floors and elevators

BSL 1 and BSL 2 labs possible

HYBRICK's flexible laboratory spaces are characterized by their modern technical infrastructure, allowing the implementation of tenant-specific requirements as needed.

Wet Labs

Chemical, biological and diagnostic labs can be set up in our buildings as BSL 1 or BSL 2 laboratories. We solve technical challenges and manage the complex interdependencies between architecture, supporting structure, technical building inventory and laboratory equipment with the aim to optimally suit your company demands.

Air exchange rate of up to 25m³/h per m²

Optimized room heights

Combined freight / passenger elevators

Load capacities up to 7.5 kN

Shared infrastructure for specialized media

Waste management

Dry Labs

In dry labs, mathematical analyses and simulations are carried out using computer-based models. Excellent connectivity and increased computing power are required for such laboratories. The spatial proximity to data centers, which we incorporate in the context of neighborhood developments, constitutes a significant advantage in this context.

Top connectivity: fibre-to-the-desk (FTTD)

High performance computing / colocation

High power capacity

Maximum Flexibility

Our laboratories are particularly suitable for companies working in the sectors biotechnology, biochemistry, food technology, biomedicine, medical technology, bioinformatics, pharmaceuticals, nutritional sciences, bio physics and bio analytics. Depending on requirements, we are able to offer contiguous areas with several thousand square meters as well as small-scale units from 200 m² upwards.


Area size

From 200 m² rental space

Usage examples

Chemical, biological and diagnostic laboratories

Space structures

From cellular layout to open space

We offer a one-stop solution from planning to move-in-ready laboratory space.

Integrated Planning Process

How it works

Requirement Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Online survey
  • Current state analysis
  • Workshop requirement planning
  • Room diagrams
  • Process diagrams
  • Floor plans & furnishing designs
  • 3D visualizations
  • Individual rental offer

Workplace Services.
For improved working

Our services contribute to your company's success, for example by making space more flexible, exploiting scale effects in case of specific infrastructures.

Our smart digital concept creates a new workplace experience. Promote collaboration between your teams, make evidence-based decisions, save costs and design flexible, sustainable workplaces. Our support ranges from individual use cases to comprehensive, integrated solutions.