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Enabling Science & Technology

HYBRICK is a real estate platform for companies in the life science and high-tech sectors. We develop and lease combined laboratory, production, and office buildings. We take care of planning, construction as well as operation, and provide extended services related to the infrastructure. As a result, our tenants can focus on their core business and conduct research, development, and production without compromises.

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Our Offer

We define hybrid spaces as the coexistence and combination of different types of use within one single building. In a reasonable and intelligent configuration, this usage mix connects people and departments and promotes openness, communication, and collaboration.



Integrated Planning Process

We bundle the planning process into a service package and support your company in unlocking its full potential.

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Workplace Services

With our service package, we increase the productivity of your team and take on over numerousmany tasks related to your infrastructure.

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Hybrid Spaces

The combination of uses enables companies to integrate and connect various functions and processes within a single building.

Technical Infrastructure

Due to the specific physical infrastructure of our buildings, it is possible to set up laboratory and production processes that are highly efficient without compromising.

All from one Source

We offer planning, construction and operation out of one hand. In cooperation with our highly qualified partners, we are able to implement even complex requirements in a "one-stop-shop" approach on our premises.

Integrated Locations

We focus on urban, integrated locations. The physical proximity to employees and customers is increasingly crucial for sustainable business success.


Hybrick Berlin

The first HYBRICK is being established in the Marienpark − one of the largest innovation quarters in the south of Berlin with over 30 hectares. Further projects are in the planning stage.

Hybrick Berlin


May 16th −17th | HYBRICK at BIONNALE 2023, Berlin

Hybrick Berlin receives sustainable energy supply

June 13th 2023 | HYBRICK at LAB-SUPPLY, Berlin

July 5th 2022 First milestone | A comprehensive zoning plan for the innovation campus Marienpark was officially approved in July 2022

19th − 20th 2023 | Labor-Impuls-Forum, Mainz

Act now to secure your hybrid office, laboratory and production spaces and become part of our growing community for life sciences & urban production.

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