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Flexible floor plans

New work concept

Loft character

Heating / cooling panels


Desk booking

Our inspiring industrial design office spaces meet the requirements of a wide range of rental needs.

Maximum Flexibility

Individual rental areas are tailored to the individual tenants and provide optimal conditions for covering all forms of future work-place organisation. Thanks to smoothly merging floor plans, large, interconnectable rental spaces are just as possible as individual to open-plan offices.

Flexibility of single / open-plan office

New work


In addition to modern workspaces, HYBRICK offers numerous features to optimise the daily work routine, such as changing rooms and showers, bicycle infrastructure as well as catering to enhance the work-life balance.

Loft character

Bicycle infrastructure (parking spaces, repair kits, etc.)

Showers and changing rooms

Maximum Flexibility

The office space is suitable for a wide range of requirements and workplace organizations


Area size

From 200 m² rental space

Usage examples

Complementary office space to laboratory and production uses

Space structures

From cellular layout to open space

Workplace Services.
For improved working.

Our services contribute to your company's success, for example by making space more flexible, exploiting scale effects in case of specific infrastructures.

Our smart digital concept creates a new workplace experience. Promote collaboration between your teams, make evidence-based decisions, save costs and design flexible, sustainable workplaces. Our support ranges from individual use cases to comprehensive, integrated solutions.