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Loading and unloading zone for vans and trucks

Spacious delivery zone

Storage and ancillary rooms

Optimized ceiling heights

Increased floor loads

Combined freight & passenger elevators

HYBRICK provides the infrastructure for innovative urban production.

Biotech & Industry 4.0

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the boundaries between physical, digital and biological domains are blurring. Emerging disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and nanotechnology are converging with biological and life sciences thus creating hybrid disciplines and processes.

Our buildings provide the structural prerequisites to implement industry 4.0 applications and combined laboratory and production processes.

Air exchange rate of up to 25m³/h per m²

High power capacity

High cooling capacity options

Reinterpretation of Industrial Courtyards

HYBRICK selects aspects of traditional industrial courtyards and adapts them to modern working environments. Digital technologies allow for quieter, cleaner and more environmentally friendly production processes. Urbanity and production are therefore no longer contradictory. On the contrary: the proximity to employees and customers creates useful, attractive synergies.

The central prerequisites for flexible production processes, digital, automated workflows as well as a modern spatial division of labour are suitable areas in combination with production-specific services.

Spacious delivery zone

Storage and ancillary rooms

Product representation

Maximum Flexibility

The production areas are suitable, for example, for companies in the fields of robotics, additive manufacturing, precision mechanics, modern crafts, energy & mobility and sensor technology.


Area size

From 200 m² rental space

Usage examples

High tech production, robotics, sensor technology

Spatial structures

Large contiguous areas with access to delivery yard

Workplace Services.
For improved working.

Our services contribute to your company's success, for example by making space more flexible, exploiting scale effects in case of specific infrastructures.

Our smart digital concept creates a new workplace experience. Promote collaboration between your teams, make evidence-based decisions, save costs and design flexible, sustainable workplaces. Our support ranges from individual use cases to comprehensive, integrated solutions.