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Ecological, economic and social sustainability is HBYRICK’s focus and the basis for planning, implementation and operation.



Reduction of soil sealing
Reduction of soil sealing by a multiple through stacked uses

Energy-efficient cubage
The depth and compactness of the building result in a favorable surface-to-volume ratio (envelope area in relation to heated / cooled interior volume).

Sustainable materials
Facade made of wooden panel elements, wooden windows, use of recycled concrete.

Flexibility & Reusability
A modular interior design and a media ceiling offer flexibility for in case of changing requirements or re-leases.


Building Concept & Location

Healthy workplace & Wellbeing
High level of digitalization of the building allows for excellent user conditions (measurement of air quality, well-being, temperature control & contact tracking)

High security standards for tenants and their products via integrated access management

Attractive surroundings
Embedded locations in lively neighbourhoods with attractive, green outdoor areas including roof terraces

Reduction of traffic
Urban location reduces travel and commuting time for employees and customers


Building Concept

For our buildings, we aim for LEED Gold certification −- one of the highest awards for sustainable and future-oriented construction. The outstanding digital infrastructure is expressed in our WiredScore Gold certifications

User management approach
The building’s high degree of digitization allows for a transparent representation of the tenants’ consumption data (operating costs)


With HYBRICK, we contribute to the establishment and maintenance of vibrant business networks. Our buildings blend perfectly into emerging, attractive innovation clusters.

Curated multi-tenant structures promote cooperation, interdisciplinary creativity and innovation of HYBRICK tenants. Our product line focusses on urban, integrated locations in established clusters combined with strategic partnerships with research institutions, economic development agencies, cities and local authorities.

Connected building

HYBRICK is an intelligent, networked building. The winning formula is a perfectly balanced combination of optimal connectivity, an intelligent data infrastructure design and a smart digital concept.

Connectivity & Data Infrastructure

Investa Real Estate also develops Data Centers alongside HYBRICK. The proximity to the data centers ensures excellent connectivity, which we provide directly to the tenants through our fibre-to-the-desk (FTTD) concept. If required, computing power capacities in the immediate vicinity may also be used.

Smart Digital & Service Concept

The digital concept for the HYBRICK product line is modular. In cooperation with companies from Investa Real Estate’s high-performance network, various services and digitalization elements can be planned and integrated.

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